"GoldeFy" was coined from "Gold" and "DeFi" but the whole concept was inspired from the movie "AVATAR". It is decentralized block-chain based Earn-While-In-Sleep(EWIS) metaverse game where you can buy NFT characters and NFT estate, breed for new NFT character, Character enhancement, enjoy the Lucky-To-Earn (L2E) and mine resources and gems for actual profit.

GoldeFy is a metaverse platform, that allows players to interact with other players, compete and cooperate with others through our mini-games. Mini-games will be updated and created time to time, where players can entertains themselves and others.

Background Story

In 2128 Earth is no longer the best planet for people to live on. Resources are depleted, air pollution is highest, and the population is overcrowded. Since the early 2020s, people have learned that the Earth is no longer suitable for the future of mankind, and have decided to explore space in search of the perfect space to live in with new resources.

The ship "ESR-27" was one of thousands of ships. One day during the expedition, the ESR-27 spacecraft crash-landed on the non-space station due to a system failure. This planet was determined as wasteland according to previous explorers.

Due to a spacecraft crash, ESR-27 crew discovered a mysterious light emanating from debris on the ground. The sailors started digging, and all of a sudden they all fell into a hole where a mysterious light came out. This was the moment that they have found 'GOLDEFY'

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