Release note & Change logs

The Litepaper contains detailed information about GoldeFy, covering gameplay and ecosystems, token economy, and other game-related elements, such as NFT. It also includes information on the development, creative and consulting teams, as well as their progress. Litepaper allows players to keep up with GoldeFy's progress and grasp the game economy more quickly and precisely.

This litepaper will be constantly updated by the GoldeFy's team. The objective of all changes is to improve the quality and sustainability of the project.

Version: 2022. 01

  • Release Date: Jan 2022

  • Objectives: provide aggregate information inorder for players can quickly join our metaverse.

  • Character information updated

  • Market Place Information updated

  • Breeding and Enhancement System updated

  • New Roadmap

Version: 2022. 07

  • Release Date : June 2022

  • Objectives : provide aggregate information in order for players can quickly join our metaverse.

  • Goldypot system added

  • L2E added Pet added

Version: 2022. 08

  • Goldypot updated

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