Mission & Vision


The film 'Avatar' was a source of inspiration for GoldeFy. It has been a short but amazing road to get to where we are now. We're ecstatic to be working on a game that will bring joy to people all across the world.

Games, we believe, are an essential aspect of human existence. It allow you to discover people's, groups', and civilizations' latent skills that are limited or unachievable in real life. It is common knowledge that games of many genres, such as adventure games' imagination, action games' quick thinking and handling, and online games' engagement and teamwork, bring happiness and fun to many gamers.

The introduction of blockchain technology is assisting in the advancement of game production. Blockchain's wonderful properties, such as decentralization, security, transparency, and freedom, can let traditional games do things that were previously impossible.

GoldeFy pondered that by merging games with blockchain, there is a possibility of producing a game at an inventive moment. A gaming world built on cooperation and hope, rather than shock and conflict, battling and theft, and game content that kills one another. GoldeFy was created to bring love, hope, and dream realization to the globe.


GoldeFy's goal is to build a gaming platform that links cryptocurrency owners and communities, not just to play a mining game. To accomplish this, GoldeFy must complete three steps that will result in a long-term ecosystem that is built on gaming, sharing, and renewing in-game communities.

  1. The gameplay should be extremely fascinating and enjoyable, and gamers should want to play the game every day for many years. Mini games, guild co-op, and station games should all be included in the game to help bring players together. Like avatars, players in the game must connect and interact.

  2. The community completes tasks that can be moved by interacting with external systems via game content. GoldeFy tokens ($GOD) or G-Tokens can be used to reward the community.

  3. Owners of cryptocurrencies have a close contact with their users. They might be gamers, or they can collaborate with the community to form the ideal team to get greater results. GoldeFy will facilitate the supply of blockchain-based systems in a transparent and convenient manner.


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