Lucky To Earn (L2E)

What is Lucky-to-Earn?

Lucky-to-Earn or L2E is a new concept in games based on blockchain. In L2E, the rewards are not definite as the participants receive rewards only if they get lucky during their participation period.

This model has 5 glorifying benefits: When a player purchases a character or NFT character, you receive an assigned POT ticket and participate automatically. Everyone gets a fair chance to win Higher Rewards for Winners Players do not need to make substantial investments to win the Top Spot The game player who provided the lucky number will also receive a reward.

GoldeFy uses the L2E model in their GoldyPot event where the Chainlink’s VRF is used to pick winners. The process of winning in L2E is 100% random and free from external tempering.


GoldyPot At this stage, the GoldeFy team will start running Goldypot with Goldypass. Since GoldyPot's scalability is loaded with infinite possibilities, we will gradually expand to Goldypot NFT, Goldypot Guilds, Goldypot Winner, etc. in the future. All Goldypots operate in USDT.

  1. Goldypot - Goldypot's initial model, available when purchasing Goldypass. You can participate at a low cost, and you can enjoy the GoldeFy metaverse as well as get an in-game Goldypass.

  2. Goldypot NFT - Goldypot NFT is a Goldypot that you can participate in by purchasing a Goldy NFT character. Depending on the characteristics of the Goldypot, 3-star pots, 2-star pots, etc. are used as pots. Therefore, it is a system where you can get a GoldyNFT character of the desired rank and become the main character of a huge prize at the same time.

  3. Goldypot Guilds - By holding a special Goldypot only for guilds that cooperate with GoldeFy, you can conduct Goldypot only with the guild members.

  4. Goldypot Winner - The winner of Goldypot can receive a trophy. Whoever holds the trophy will be eligible to participate in the Sea Otter Goldypot Winner's round.

As a result, various types of Goldypot will be held due to the unlimited scalability of the Goldypot system.

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