Under the Lucky-to-Earn mechanism, the GoldyPot mechanism will allow players to earn rewards fairly. Goldypot is unique in the scalability of NFT's utility by adopting a method in which the money of all sold characters are collected and paid to a specific user as a prize. In addition, characters that did not win have the advantage of increasing their value through enhancement and breeding.

To participate in the GoldyPot, players buying a GoldyPass will be able to claim a Goldypot Number. Each round's Goldypot number has a random number from 000 to 999, with the maximum number of set at 1000 per round. The time in which all round's Goldypot get sold the clock starts countdown. Such round which has not fulfilled the maximum number of Goldypot will be pushed to the following round. Once a round's time gets over, the leaderboard rankings are closed and a Chainlink’s VRF is used to pick the winners.

The Goldypot rewards (in USDT) will be distributed as:

Lucky Number Provider

All the participants who have gets access to our games must select their "Lucky Number" to have a fair chance to be the lucky number provider. It is 100% free to play and all players who are in the leaderboard will have a fair chance to win a prize. In the mechanism of Lucky-To-Earn, probability will be given to participants with fair and transparency. Chainlink’s VRF system picks 3 random ranks from the leaderboard with fairness, and transparency. Selected ranker's “Lucky Number” are to be the winning number of the Goldypot.

Note: Chainlink's implementation of VRF for true, secure randomness. Chainlink’s VRF will draw 3 randomized ranks, which will be the lucky number providers.

Goldypot Winner/s

To decide the winners in Goldy Pot, 3 rankers from the leaderboard are selected via the VRF, and upon selection, the lucky numbers selected by those players are then used to generate the winning Goldypot numbers.

For example,

“6 Winners” - if the lucky numbers selected by the rankers chosen by the VRF are 8, 9, and 3. Then winning Goldypot numbers will be 893, 839, 983, 938, 398, and 389.

“3 Winners” - if the lucky numbers selected by the rankers chosen by the VRF are 8, 8, and 5. Then winning Goldypot numbers will be 885, 858, and 588.

“1 Winner” - if the lucky numbers selected by the rankers chosen by the VRF are 5, 5, and 5. The winning Goldypot numbers will be 555 ONLY..

Winning Trophy

Goldypot winners not only receive huge rewards, they also receive very special NFT trophies. Trophies are a symbol of the winner of that round, and you can collect trophies from multiple rounds. A Goldypot for trophy holders will also be held in the future.

Incentive Link (Affiliate)

Goldypot is not operated by the firm but operated by the community. A purchase of Goldypot related Goldypass/GoldyNFT will generate a special incentive link. The generated link will last for 1 round and 15% of all the sales related to Goldypot from the url provided will be rewarded to the link owner.

Note: Incentive Link only lasts for by rounds and expires when the all rounds are over. This includes the derived all rounds. (e.g 1a, 1b, 1c, 1d is considered as all rounds.)


Incentive DAO - The more we gather, the stronger our fandom becomes. Goldefy's unique model, Goldypot, created a stronger fandom through this project with the desire to share more with the community members. Fandom is created by the community. The value of the fandom is created by the company. In other words, the company has an obligation to return more profits to the community. In-DAO is a place where the community and Goldefy coexist. Do In-DAO by increasing the number of people who share the true meaning of Goldypot.

In addition to the 15% incentive, members who achieve a high level of contribution receive an additional bonus. 5% of the total sales for each round are accumulated and divided according to the corresponding criteria.

Formula : [ 1% of Total Goldypot Sales / number of member who have reached more than 10 referred] + [ 1% of Total Goldypot Sales / number of member who have reached more than 60 referred] + ... + [ 1% of Total Goldypot Sales / number of member who have reached more than 150 referred]

# of Referred UsersTotal PotReached 50 ReferredReached 80 ReferredReached 140 ReferredReached 160 Referred











For example,

The total Goldypot has reached 1,000,000 USDT. (5% = 50,000 / 1% = 10,000)

More than 10 referredMore than 60 referredMore than 100 referredMore than 130 referredMore than 150 referred






Members who have reached more than 100 people of referred through his/her incentive link

= [10,000/100]+[10,000/40]+[10,000/30] =683.33 USDT

Members who have raeached more than 150 people of referred through his/her incentive link

= [10,000/100]+[10,000/40]+[10,000/30] +[10,000/10]+[10,000/1] = 11,683.33 USDT


Events are for the community, and we aimed at users with the most engagement in GoldeFy by the GoldeFy Team. Events are held in various types of events because it depends on the engagement by the users. For example, 4 Star Reward Goldypot can be held with the 4 Star Goldy NFT holders. There is no cost other than providing a rewarding opportunity for the participation of enhancement. Our goal is to have various types of events that connects the metaverse and real life.

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