Goldypot FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Goldypass and GoldyNFT?


  • It's not an NFT.

  • It can be used as an enhancement material for GoldyNFT.

  • You can enter the metaverse.

  • You can get a Goldypot number.

  • Not tradable (Goldypass is a character that is tied to your account.)


  • It is NFT.

  • You can do breeding & enhancement.

  • You can enter the metaverse.

  • You can get a Goldypot number.

  • Tradable.

Do I have to purchase Goldypot/Goldypass to win?

  • Lucky Number Provider - No, it is 100% FREE. Only need to install GoldeFy and play our mini-games

  • Goldypot Winner - Need to purchase to get the GoldyPot number

  • Incentive Link - Need to purchase to receive the Incentive Link, sign up and purchase through this link for a 15% rebate.

How many people can attend Goldypot at maximum?

  • There is no limit on the number of total participants. However, there are 1,000 limitation on each round's section (1a = 1,000 , 1b = 1,000 , 1c = 1,000)

We have divided the section by 1,000 to give more opportunities to the participants. When the round starts without the section is fully occupied, such section will be pushed to the next round. If the expansion section is not fully filled during the start of a round, it is automatically carried over to the next round.

Can a user purchase multiple times of Goldypot?

  • Yes, players can purchase as much as they want. Players should have strategies to spread the purchase on other sections, instead of purchasing multiple time in one section.

Will my score in the leaderboard stays permanently?

  • No, every after the countdown (which means the end of each round), the leaderboard resets. Therefore, players should play again to be listed on the leaderboard every start of a new round.

  • They are different, you can claim the reward on each. Incentive link can be claimed upon your request, In-DAO will be rewarded after the round is over.

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